Watch Now: Chris Young explains the "cool factor" behind his latest #1 hit

RCA Nashville“Losing Sleep,” the title track of Chris Young’s current album, and the name of his tour, has become his fourth consecutive #1 hit.  At the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville on Tuesday, Chris told ABC Radio why this particular song hitting number one at this particular time is extra-special for him.

“To have the title track of the tour and the title of the new album go number one while the tour is really just ramping up — we’re only three weekends in, and as much as those weekends have been amazing, there’s so much more that we’ve announced to look forward to — I do think there is a little bit of a cool factor,” Chris told ABC Radio.

He adds that he likes the idea of telling the audience, “Hey, right now, at this moment, while you guys are here at this tour, this song is number one and it’s the name of the tour.”

Chris officially got the good news about the #1 hit this past Monday, but he admitted that he and his team started celebrating a few days before that.

“Normally, you’re trying to figure out if the song’s gonna go numberone,” he explained. “And this one was one of the few where, pretty much on Friday, everybody was like, ‘OK, it’s gonna happen.'” Like, ‘It’s there.’ So, we were kinda celebrating a little bit all weekend…and definitely will be continuing that celebration next week!” 

Chris’ Losing Sleep tour, with Kane Brown and LANCO, continues Thursday night in Pittsburgh.

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