Watch Now: Maren Morris gushes over meeting and singing for Elton John: "It was just epic"

ABC/Image Group LALast week, Maren Morris was one of the many artists who took part in the taping of the CBS TV special I’m Still Standing: A Grammy Salute to Elton John, which will air in April. But as Maren told ABC Radio at Tuesday’s Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, it turns out that Elton John is actually a fan of hers.

“I have a very crazy timeline history with Elton John,” Maren revealed. “Like, growing up listening to his music, and then when Hero, my album, came out, he called me on the phone to say that he was a fan of it.”

Maren says she’s “so excited” to have been part of the taping, adding, “It was just epic.”

“I can’t say which song I did, but it’s one of my favorite Elton songs, and I love that I got the chance to perform it in front of him and [his lyricist] Bernie Taupin,” she gushed. 

Maren also admired the Gucci outfit and red-tinted shades Elton was wearing to the taping — “very classic Elton,” she said. But what was most surprising about meeting the rock legend, Maren said, was how much Elton knew about her career.

“When I finally met him this past week at the Grammys, he’s so tapped into the music industry and the charts, he was like ‘Congratulations on your song “The Middle,” it’s #3 on iTunes right now!'” Maren said, incredulous. “And I’m like, ‘I love that Elton Johnyou, Elton John — knows this!'”

There’s no set airdate for the Elton John special, but we know it’ll air on CBS in April, and in addition to Maren, Little Big Town and Miranda Lambert were on the bill.

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