WATCH NOW: Lindsay Ell was the last to know about Sugarland's reunion: "Kristian didn't tell me a thing!"

ABC/Image Group LAAfter working with Sugarland’s Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles separately over the years, Lindsay Ell will finally be able to work with them together this summer — she’s one of the opening acts on the Sugarland reunion tour. Lindsay is thrilled, even though she admits she was miffed that Kristian — who produced her album — didn’t give her the heads-up that he and Jennifer were getting back together.

“I was bothering him in the studio ’cause I was like, ‘When is Sugarland getting back together? This needs to happen!'” Lindsay told ABC Radio Monday at the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville. “And I even told Jennifer ’cause I was on tour with [her] two years ago…and both of them were just like, ‘We’d love for that to happen, but who knows when it’s gonna happen.'”

Next thing Lindsay knew, Kristian and Jennifer were presenting an award at the CMAs and the reunion was on. “Kristian didn’t even tell me a thing!” she laughs. “And then they presented that award together and then I’m texting him and I’m like, ‘How could you not tell me this is happening?'”

But Lindsay’s not just thrilled to tour with the duo — she’s excited to see them perform live.

“I’ve never really gotten to see them in their essence, y’know, live, in a show. And now to be able to go out on the road with them, it just is completely three dimensions…I cannot wait to share the stage!” she gushes.

“There’s nothing like a duo or group coming back together and making music again,” she adds. “I think fans are gonna be so excited, tickets are selling like crazy so I think it’s gonna be a really special tour.”

Lindsay’s dates with Sugarland start July 19 in Tulsa, OK.

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