WATCH NOW: Lauren Alaina explains why Luke Bryan is the perfect "American Idol" judge

ABC/Lou RoccoLauren Alaina was runner-up on American Idol season 10, so she can speak to the new version of the show that will debut on ABC next month. She told ABC Radio at Monday’s Country Radio Seminar in Nashville why she thinks Luke Bryan, in particular, is the perfect addition to the Idol judges’ table.

“Everyone’s asked me if I think he’s gonna be a good judge…and I absolutely do because he’s been so good to me,” she told ABC Radio. “It’s been such a crucial few years of my career and he’s really been supportive, and the advice he gives is amazing.”

Lauren’s toured with Luke several times, and she says he’d sometimes take her aside and give her some guidance. 

“For him to take time to do that just shows that he cares about new talent and people,” she explained. “And I think those are really good things for a judge to have.”

But what kind of amazing advice did Luke give her? 

“He just said that he’s really proud of me, and that when you work really hard, you’re talented, you’re a good singer, you have a good craft and you believe in it, that things will fall together,” she recalled. “And he kinda told me that right when things started taking off last year, and it was just really good to hear.”

Last year, Lauren’s career exploded and she ended up with two number one hits — “Road Less Traveled” and the  Kane Brown duet “What Ifs” — as well as a CMA nomination.  She said the fact that Luke believed in her before all that happened means a lot to her.

“He told me that I have all of the qualities to have a long career,” she revealed. “So that was really nice.” 

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